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P!NK by sianatully featuring a pink chair

A snowy afternoon in Central Park, New York

Going to New York early in the year means that it is going to be extremely cold however you may just see the city draped in aluminous, fluffy snow making the city look even more magical (if possible).

We spent one snowy afternoon roaming around the grounds of Central Park.


Wandering around with the crunchy snow underneath your boots, all wrapped up in your warm winter layers with a little red nose taking in the breathtaking scenery.


A horse and carriage ride certainly helped us see the park whilst giving our feet a well needed rest. The lovely comfy seats and warm blanket make it extra cozy, just a pity there wasn’t a coffee machine in the back so we could take in the scenery with a vanilla latte in hand!


If it’s getting too cold for you outside, the two famous museums either side of the park are well worth a visit.
The National History Museum has enough inside for you to wander its corridors for days, literally.


If you’re not a history geek then head over to the MET, it’s full of decadent artwork and sculptures for your eyes to feast upon.


Visiting Central Park in the glistening snow has got to have a spot on your bucket list!